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In Space

My lone post at Spacecollective gives an overview of the Rivers project, historically & conceptually, and my take on generative work. I’ve written on the same topics here but still think it’s a good introduction for any newcomers. Enjoy!

I’m giving a talk 10/27

Next Tuesday October 27, LoveTech presents LearnTech, a live electronic music technology & interactive art salon. I’m scheduled for 10:50pm and will be discussing my 3D generative art, from inspiration to thought process, code and specific techniques. There will be other really cool projects presented as well, so please join us!

Tuesday Oct 27th
7-12am (likely later) at Il Pirata
2007 16th St (@ Utah St), San Francisco
Free, Donations Appreciated

Rivers 2008-12-25 17-57-57-21

In a White Room

A collection of my favorite monochromatic abstract 3D animation.


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I’ve recently unearthed my TI-85 calculator from school, evoking those hours in study hall writing TI-BASIC programs. Even then my favorite function was the random number generator, and I can recall one program that would create a monochrome, pixelated garden with vines creeping and spiraling, growing leaves and flowers. Unpredictable and different every time, that’s the important bit.

Enjoy this wonderful Long Now conversation with Brian Eno and Will Wright on generative music, visual design, psychology and games — I’ve mentioned before how seeing Eno’s 77 Million Paintings inspired my Rivers project in 2007. This is the first ten minutes:


When I discovered the Spacecollective gallery I felt overwhelmed and dizzy like I had met myself while traveling abroad, because I had been collecting many of these same images as fascinating & inspirational source material, studies in complexity and emergent patterns. Escher, Haeckel, generative architecture, networks, electron microscopy, immiscible fluids, fractal cauliflower.

There’s a lot of great writing and artwork there about the future of humankind and the evolution of consciousness, I encourage you to go browse!

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Magnetic fields creating visible geometric patterns. Enjoy.

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