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Things are afoot, readers. Today I leave the steady day job in favor of these wild, crazy, hopeful adventures we’re creating in Detroit. (No, I’m not moving there… for now. San Francisco is home. ) Energy, support and connections have been building and it’s time to devote myself full-time to building out some killer websites and supporting our team in Michigan. And document the process here. So what’s good and exciting?

“Believe in the impossible, for Rebirth is yours to accomplish. Sending best wishes, Detroit. Love, a New Orleans Girl.” –Angela

“Detroit is resurgent. Ideas combined with action will create the positive change we need. Don’t let your ideas go to waste.” –Marcel

“As a born & raised Detroiter I’m a big believer that great things can & are happening here. Thanks for letting me be a part of this project.” –Andy

“I have $197 in my checking account and I’m buying 24 frames of Lemonade: Detroit. It’s that important.” –Tyler

  • The site will evolve; many possibilities for making a difference in revitalizing & shrinking the city here. We received an letter from an unexpected, first field tester:

I was getting frustrated using the spreadsheets to locate potential Wayne County tax foreclosure auction properties. I just don’t know the city neighborhoods/zip codes/streets well enough, as a whole, to use a huge-ass pdf fruitfully. Philip mentioned Living in the Map on Then, I remembered seeing it in a TedX. Anyway, the visual really helped ferret out properties in areas I’m familiar enough with to investigate a little deeper. I picked out 78 properties from New Center to Downtown and went on a LONG bike ride yesterday. 22 miles later, I can give you an interesting review on Living in the Map. When it gives accurate data for properties, it’s indispensable. This type of mapping is long overdue.

  • There are so many goodies I want to develop for our loyal inchvestors at Loveland to get creative with their land on the web. Really leveling up the micro-city-building tools and story there. We’ve had to put this on hold in favor of all the other awesome developments and related projects. But seriously, another round of site renovations is in the works and I’d love to reward the early colonists who believed in us and staked out their inches.
  • Upcoming collaborations with Rita & Josh at the Imagination Age / Dancing Ink Productions. I met them through their early incherest in Loveland, and we’ve got exciting new projects in the works. Stay tuned, something will be revealed at TEDxNASA, November 4.

First though, a romantic weekend getaway on the coast, away from all things Internet. See you soon! <3

Making Lemonade

I’ve been working with the Lemonade: Detroit team for the last week to develop a micro-fundraising platform and make this film happen, and today we launched at #140conf Detroit. We invite people to purchase “frames” of the 90-minute film thereby becoming producers of the movie. And since there’s no limit on IMDB to the number of credits, everyone will be officially listed as such. Come see & join in at

If you haven’t seen the trailer, please take a minute! I feel it really captures the passion and hope of the place and am very excited to see this movie take shape and be a part of it. This is the first time we’ve expanded the buy-an-inch model to another project – so far the response has been great!


Charcoal, graphite, ink and paint.


Worth many, many thousands of words.

Why Don’t We Own This?

Mapping and making accessible over 13,000 foreclosed properties in Detroit.

Talk to the Station

Play a part in the preservation and redevelopment of Detroit’s most iconic historical landmark by sharing your ideas for its use and improvement. The owners are listening.

LOVELAND Micro Real Estate

I design & create the web tech for this micro real estate project.


Generative dreamscapes of blossoming threespace geometry, performed live.